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Clutch and Brake Repairs

Brakes & Clutch Servicing

“In-house brake and clutch repair and rebuilding”

Brakes and clutch are the two most vital systems in your car that administrates how your car performs and how safe it is on the road.

The most common type of brake system in the car is disc and drum brake. Most modern cars today come with disc brakes that have two important parts that wear out the fastest, the rotors and the brake pads.

When you find your car taking longer to stop them before and the brake paddle travel is quite far, or the brakes feel spongy, you need to get them checked as soon as possible. As these signs mean there is a problem in the brake system, the reason quite likely to be worn out rotors and brake pads. We, at Savvas Automotive, check the brake fluids regularly, if you find the reservoir getting low quite fast, most likely there is a leak in the brake lines.

In any case, whenever you get your car for service, make sure you get the brake system checked because your safety is the most important and there should be no compromise about your safety.

At Savvas Automotive, your safety is our priority, we ensure that all the materials used to replace are of the best quality that has been tested out rigorously. We also have refurbished rotors but it should be are of acceptable size. If the rotors’ thickness is not of acceptable standards, we recommend getting it replaced with new ones.

Clutch is another important component of your car that transmits the power from your engine to the wheels through the gearbox, hence it takes up a lot of beating especially city-driven cars that must change gears quite a lot.

At Savvas Automotive, we are equipped with delicate self-adjusting clutch setup rig and gear jacks ready for all types of clutch replacement done according to the manufacturer’s standards.

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