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Car Logbook Service Alexandira, Sydney

Car Log Book Service

“Logbook servicing from the licensed workshop”

Most people do not know the fact that any licensed mechanic can perform logbook service to brand new cars without losing manufacturer’s warranty, the ACCC has said in written guidance to the automotive industry. As long as the car service is done adhering to the car manufacturer’s recommended guidelines provided in the car’s service manual. You can choose to have your car logbook service done by a reputable mechanic of your choice.

Most people face a lot of problems when it comes to logbook servicing when it comes to dealership servicing. Some service centres are so busy that you might have to wait for a long period before you get a chance to get your car serviced. It is also possible that you might end up travelling quite long distances to get your car serviced depending on where your dealership is situated. Due to time pressure, they end up rushing into the job done that sometimes leads to the chances of overlooked errors that could cause problems to your car.

To alleviate all these problems, if you work or live around Alexandria, you can bring your car to Savvas Automotive for the car logbook service. Our experienced mechanics follow the car logbook servicing guidelines stated in the car manufacturer’s book and use parts and materials that are recommended and followed by the industrial standards. Our logbook service ensures that your car is properly maintained and kept in top condition, without voiding your manufacturer’s warranty. So, if you are looking for a reliable logbook service provider, contact Savvas Automotive on 02 9310 4140.

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