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Steering and Suspension Service

Suspension Service

“For that smooth and comfortable driving experience“

If you feel your car is everywhere on the road while driving, unusual steering play, the car bounces way too much over bumps or small ups and down on the road, vibrations while you are driving, hear noises from steering, premature tyre wear, and misalignment. It is most probably the time to get your steering and suspension system checked.

To check whether your suspension is in good condition or not, you can do this simple test on your car. Press any one corner of your car with body weight and then let it go if it bounces more than once it is certain that your vehicle’s shock or strut has worn out and needs replacing.

Having bad steering and worn out suspension will deteriorate the way your car drives but it also is a big safety issue and, in our opinion, you should immediately get it checked and rectified.

The CV joints and boot are the next important components of the steering system. If the boot is torn it won’t protect the CV joint from dust and debris and causes the grease to leak out, in turn, wearing out the joint itself. If you hear humming sound while driving see grease spots on the boot, clicking sound while turning it is time to give it an once-over as quickly as possible.

At Savvas automotive, our expert mechanics will inspect your entire steering system. We will make sure the pump and rack mounts are ok, check the steering fluid and replace it, adjust the belts.

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